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    I'm looking to get into a Martin bow. I love the looks & feel of the cloaked Pantera. However, my dealer doesn't have any lefty's in stock for me to shoot. I currently shoot a twin cam Bowtech and would like to move over to a single cam bow. I've been researching Martins and have a few questions for the people that should know.
    The Pantera, Bengal, Cheetah, and Firecar TR1 all have pretty much the same specs. The only difference I can see is the brace height, with the exception of the 30" ata on the Cheetah. So, are these bows all the same? How much difference does 1/4" of brace height make? Is the Cheetah "twitchy" due to the short ata? Do the Martins have a forgiving valley? Also, does the CCS system have an advantage over the slide?
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