Thanks Sonny,
I'm not talking about the Catcams. My questions were directed at the Firecats.
My BT (07 Guardian 60-70) has Binarycams on it and getting "over the hump" is what I'm trying to get away from. I have been seriously looking at the 2011 Firecats. I like the length & look of the riser very much.
Last year I had no issues with the BT set where it's at. I also think I'm over bowed at this point. Possibly weaker from winter? I'm a big guy, 6'3" and 280lbs. I have no problem admitting or accepting the fact I'm having issues at 68lbs. Either way I want to get into a 60lb bow.
The 400 has the new Nitro 2.0 Hybird Pro cams and I was looking for any advice/comments on them vs the 360 with the Acu-Track single cam. Sorry for the confusion.
As for distance, to date my longets kill was at 45 yards and that is my limit on everything but Elk. Yes, I would take a 60 yard shot on one. Closer is nice but we can't always get that close. Last year I took an Antelope at 30 yards with a lung shot. Pretty confident with my shot placement and equipment. Just want to get more comfortable. I'm fine with the BT up to about 30 shots before it get's harder. I want to be able to shoot 50 or more and not feel wore out.
I could drop the arrow weight down a bit if needed. The KE numbers are great on the BT, somewhere around 81 with that arrow and I think I'm right at 302 fps.