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    problem i have with d loops is that they always seem to eventually close up leading to a pinch on the nock. thinking about adding brass nocks with the d loop tied above and below the brass nocks.

    Good tight center serving usually eliminates the loop closing up. The center serving is usually the worst offender, even with custom strings. Of course, tied nocks will slip if not tied tight enough or the wrong material is used. I haven't use baler twine, but have used the wife's Button & Carpet thread - Coats & Clark's, extra strong. Wife picked up a bunch at a back yard sale for 25 cents a spool. Really don't care what color because I have a black felt pen handy.

    Like Montalaar I tie my nocks. Once I know they holding and I coat them with Super Glue as added insurance. Next, spacing the tied nocks a bit more or spacing loop knots a bit more than necessary will help eliminate the closing up. Here, if the tied nocks or loop doesn't slip, the extra space has not proven to effect accuracy. Of course, I'm not saying going over board with the spacing. I have seen as much as 1/8" play and accuracy is outstanding. Also, the loop pliers I have at the shop gives a wide spacing - kind of too wide, but....

    On the other hand, nock pinch has proven to give poor accuracy and if not poor accuracy, the then occasional flier for no apparent reason.

    Problems with brass nocks; One, make sure they clamp down evenly. Two, the tiny bit of rubber that sometimes squeezes out may take a bit to wear down. Three, 2 brass nocks fps robbing weight, not much but sometimes enough to make you think you should be aggravated.
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