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Thread: Arrows dropping in the rain: Solved!

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    Default Arrows dropping in the rain: Solved!

    Man o man, I was getting aggravated today. I started to shoot then after a 1/2 hour, my arrows began to drop. At 30 yards, almost a foot!!!!! At first, I thought it was the rain, since every time it happened, it was raining. Indoor, I had no issues whatsoever.
    Today, it barely fell a few drops and it was only sometime after that that they began dropping, and significantly.

    Lucky for me, one of the guy at my pro shop happened to be there. So I went to him and I thought it was my slider. He looked at it and he suggested that it might be because my string (which will be replaced this month) was stretching in the colder temperature and messed with my drop away. So he drew my bow and sure enough, my drop away wasn't rising high enough anymore. I adjusted the drop away string and bingo! Back on target. Can't wait to replace the string now. My draw length is also out wack.

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    You are now becoming a pro mechanic. That is one problem you will be able stick behind you. I am very glad for you. Now back to the fun stuff shooooooting!

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    Default Arrows dropping in the rain: Solved!

    It's about time! I don't know why you didn't know that already!lol Just kidding.
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