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Thread: How many of you float your carbons to find the seam?

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    Default How many of you float your carbons to find the seam?

    Seems some are missing the point. Floating a arrow in water is finding the heaviest side of the arrow, thus what is said to the strongest or stiffest part of the arrow.

    bf's, spine tester is just that a spine tester. Weak part of the arrow and indicator gives bigger reading. This is not checking for run out.

    Now, I posed this to a few knowledgeable archery notables; Stiffest part of the arrow found, which way does it go to the bow, up or down? Answer most given; Doesn't matter so long as it is aligned to the power stroke of the bow string.

    Personally, I shoot my arrows. Numbered, any arrow that doesn't impact as the rest is put aside. I'll spin test them if way out they are put aside for casual plinking. I then come back with nock tune to see if it can be made to impact as the others. Here, I index the nock to the next vane and when that's done and no improvement I'll install a new nock and try again. After this and no improvement I'll refletch the arrow. Usually the arrow is corrected.
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