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.........This target thread was good timing because I was looking for a new one.
Just an FYI update: I ended up buying two targets since my last post, both thru Sportsman's Guide.

One was an American Whitetail Hybrid King, with intent to use it mostly for broadheads......which may be a good thing, because the 9-10 shots I put in it with field points took some real effort to pull. Woody's lube I use on 3D targets might help that.
Still a nice target that will likely travel to camp sites with me.
Side note: I thought the 9" depth might let it tip over on high shots. (3) 20yds shots with 69ft/lbs KE in top center diamond did rock it, but it stayed upright on a level platform.

The other one was a Big Green Stopper bag target for my field/target points. I'm really liking this one so far in the two weeks I've been shooting at it.
Quickly stops my arrows, and the small diameter 80KE darts a friend shoot out of his Hoyt Carbon Element.