I carry my Martin Bengal bow in a soft case and try to carry it with care. Yesterday I was practicing at my outdoor range and when I drew the bow I thought I heard a metal sound behind me. I released the arrow and observed the hit and nocked another arrow and drew it back. I heard the same sound again. This time when I released the arrow, it took a nose dive and hit the ground a foot in front of my target. I started checking the sight and arrow rest and twisted the bow looking something wrong. That's when I observed the delamination of the fiber from the lower limb starting at the crotch of the fork and working its way up about six inches. See pics. I am very reluctant to even move the bow in fear it may come appart in my hands. Any ideas what caused this? Is it possible to replace just one limb? Is there any chance, this is an 08 bow I bought new in 09, that Martin would replace this defective product?