ok so I have a second hand orion magnum (guess thats what it is)
, got for a good price, lovin it so far.

but the weight is a little much for me, Im not that big of a guy. so I started to search on how to adjust the weight. easy enuff, so i tryd it out,
(kinda mechanical)
took it out one turn top and bottom, check the measurement (not sure what it's called) from limb corner to string. top and bottom, not far off, (within tolerances id say)

but I noticed that the draw length is longer

ok so my question is, does lowering the draw weight, lengthen, the draw length. or did I screw something up.

and how do I tell what Modular? (as it's called) do I have. if I deside to change the length. the only nuber I see on the one I have is F-3 (havent took it off yet.