My Nemsis arrived today. I was out ordering new glasses so I can see what I'm shooting at and when I got home there it was, right between the door and the storm door.

Now this might not sound too interesting to some, but I ordered this bow about two weeks ago. My usual wait the last few years has averaged 2 months and last year's Alien Z was longer at 6 1/2 months. I was quite surprised to say the least. Even some other things I ordered were also in the box.

I've gone over the bow with a fine toothed comb and can't find any defects, save one. The top cam is a Hybrix 1.5 and the bottom one is a Nitro 1.5. Makes me wonder. The bow draws and feels OK. Looks like it's time for a call to find out if these two cams are really the same.

One other thing of note. The limb deflection is 175 which leads me to believe it is sporting Barnesdale limbs. Another question for Joel.

As someone else said earlier on here there is also a tag attached to the bow that shows it was checked by two people. Not that I'm going to quibble but the riser is not black. It's the same carbon fiber dip that I had on my Alien Z from last year. And the limbs are "Next" camo instead of the "Bonz" I ordered, but the fact that they are barnesdales is something I'll have reason to overlook the camo.

Draw length is adjuted very close to what I ordered (just drew it with fingers). I ordered a 50#er and it peaks at 53# so that's in order. There is the slightest bit of cam lean in the static position; maybe 1/4" from the cam to the middle of the string.

It has a straight cable rod and slide, which I'm already thinking of replacing with the TRG/SOS just to compare.

All in all, it appears that Martin is doing a better job of checking bows before they leave home office. It's nice having new toys.