First things first. I had a great experience with Martin when I returned my bow for warranty work. Joel and Roxy were great to work with. I know I'm not aware of other individuals who were also involved, but I appreciate their help as well. Martin's reputation for great customer service is well warranted.

I've got an '09 MOAB and it seems a bit loud, especially when shooting next to other bows. I'm sure some of the effect is simply due to proximity, but are their any tricks to quieting the bow?

I have abare string, relatively speaking, just 3/16" peep and d-loop. I do have a sring stopper, but that is the extent of the hush material. I'm probablu going to add limbsavers to each limb, maybe sring silencers too? My area bow tech suggested I don't need to clutter the string with silencers as the string stop should kill the string vibration/noise, but what about the cable?

Does shooting at a lower weight quet the bow? Thanks for reading. Look forward to tapping into the wealth of knowledge routinely displayed in this forum. Thanks again.