Well finally got to get some shooting in today after this warm up that's only supposed to last two days but it felt good. Used some tips from folks on here and got the slight kick to the left fixed and sighted in out to 40 yds with 4 arrows within 3 inch circle after already shooting over 50 shots so even getting tired thought that was pretty good. Long way to go to build the archery muscles back up, lol. Never would have felt that confident with the old PSE at that range after that many shots. Think I'll put a 50 on just for fun or if decide to chase antelope this year. Only problem I had was the two rubber limb savers didn't stay stuck in the cold so now to try to figure out how to make them stay put. Maybe a dab of gorilla glue. Can really tell a difference in noise without them. Anyway thought I'd give an update on this inferior set up of mine, lol.