Way back in the day----way back, I started with the old Bear Razorheads. Then switched for the replaceable blade technology using Savora heads. Now this was before I knew anything about bow tuning and these things flew all over the place. Keeping them within a 4' pattern was a matter of luck. Then Savora came out with the swept back blades which helped a lot, plus I began to learn about tuning.

Then there was Satellite with, oh, so many parts. These found the trash can quick. Then there was Razorback 5 heads with the blades molded into the rotating ferrule (142gr). Had a two year stint with Anderson 245 magnums, a really wicked 1 1/2" cut. Used various Wasp heads as I got them free, but lost a blade or two a couple times after contacting bone. I just loved the thought of sticking my hands inside a deer knowing there was a razor blade in there somewhere.

Next was InnerLoc, both 75gr and 100gr, which I got for free when I repped for the company in 2003. They're a very precision machined head and similar to Muzzy in that the blades lock in very securely. They almost always screw on and align well with the shaft so there's less messing around with that. I do like the idea that I can spin check them and leave them on their respective shafts and change blades without having to remove or even loosen them, which ensures the integrity of that alignment. These are what I still have on my hunting arrows today,but do have to admit that the fire has burned out for hunting so they don't see much shooting any more.

I still have a few of each laying around somewhere, but lord know where.