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Thread: 07 Martin Pantera Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMHO

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    Man I have to say this is one sweet bow. I had the opportunity to shoot it today. I really like how the bow feels in the hand . Seems to balance well with the fuse stabilizer 6" Model. There is no hand shock what so ever. I do hear a twanging noise after the shot though I just can place my finger on? I have checked all my accessories and all are tight and locked down. I did notice a difference in speed with the 7" Bh vs. the 7 5/8" Bh of my Cougar III. Also i did notice the bow is a bit louder at 70# than it is at say 64# which I shoot and even quieter at 55#. I think the noise I am hearing is re-verb of the string after the shot. I am gonna try to look into getting a STS Front mount for the bow after Xmas. I did remove the Thermal Elite II grip for my custom side plates, but re Installed it after I felt the stock martin grip was more comfortable!The bow shoots very nicely and can produce tight groups, I came close to ruining a few arrows today. I think this would be a good bow for any shooter. The M-Pro cam is way smoother at full draw , than my C III with the Dyna cam,and there is hardly no Vally so if ya creep a bit fwd the arrow is not gonna go shooting out or pulling fwd like a bat out of H#$@. Very smooth bow and very accurate. Do I regret buying it Heck NO! I do have a few dislikes about the bow it is a tad bit heavey at 4#11oz, and I would of loved to see a rear mount stabilizer hole. I like the bow alot just gonna take me a few days to get use to the extra 3" of ATA and the tad bit shorter Bh of 7" . The bow is very nice looking as far as the APG camo finish, and looks like it was dipped more than once. The Omega Vems are very nice looking and present a sleeker finish. I may think that some of the re-verb I might be getting is from the 2 ballberrings that float around in the Vems , but only more time will tell and more shooting. I would highly recommend this bow to anyone looking for a smooth drawing bow and fast shooter at 310 IBO 30" DL and 70# and 5 gr per #arrow weight. I am shooting Easton A/C/C/'s 3-49 @ 27" with a arrow wrap and 3 Bohning Blazers so about 385 Gr total arrow weight and they are Zipping out of this bow. I will get it chronoed this spring and see what she is putting out.If anyone may know what I might be hearing (noise) after the shot please Pm me or post it here. But all in all I am very very happy with my Pantera and would and will recommend it to anyone looking for a awesome bow for under $500, but also I would encourage the person or persons to shoot any of the Martin line before you decide.

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    Default Martin Pantera

    Hey there. I brought the Martin Pantera in august of 07'. You are right about it being a sweet bow. It is very accurate. The only drawback is the weight. I hunt deer and elk in NE Oregon and 6-8mile/day hiking is the norm. The bow is extremely heavy. I didn't notice it when I was shooting at the shop...It didn't have any accessories on. Once I added the sights, stabilizer, quiver, and arrows it was too much. I am in the process of finding a used Matthews adrenaline. I shot that bad boy and fell in love. So light!

    Anyhow, if you don't hike too much the Pantera is a high quality, low cost alternative.

    Seeya in the field,


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