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    Default Judging Black Bearís

    A lot of questions come up. On how to tell if the bear is a shooter.

    One thing you need to know is how big can the bear in your area get. One can call A state biologist. Or look in the record books. Do not go buy what the guy at the local bar saysÖ

    Once you know the average size your task now is to tell if itís a young bear that needís time to grow, or if itís a decent bear to take , maybe itís one that you may regret passing up, to the defiantly going to put you in the trophy pages Ö

    Things to look for,
    Earís, do they set on top of the head an look like He should be at Disneyland ? A younger bear !
    Or smaller ears on the side of the head ? A older bear !
    The larger bear will have a crease running up the forehead between the ears
    One can use the Triangle technique below to help out..

    How long are his legs ? If it lookís rather tall chances are itís a young bear and one should let it grow another year or two
    Larger bearís have a side to side roll to their gate and very short looking legs
    If you have tracks just measure across the pad and add 1Ē
    This converts to length of bear in feet, so a 4Ē track was made by a approximate 5 footer.

    Take a look at the pictures ask your self , Let it walk or Shoot 1st chance you get
    Attached Images Attached Images
    It's all fun an games till you put that big boy on the ground.. now its time to get to work
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