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Thread: new saber timing is off?

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    Default new saber timing is off?

    I bought a new saber and when I pull the string back to full draw, the bottom string stop hits and the top is about 1/32 from hitting . Is this to much ??

    Is this normal for this to happen or could have the bow not timed from the beginning.
    Can the limb bolts be backed out enough to relax the string ?

    should I buy a new or better string

    thank you for any and all feed back

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    First thing, is this a 2 cam Saber? Sounds like is is, so I will go from here.

    Check your limb bolts to make sure they are even. How you do this is turn them all the way in (until they are tight) then back them out even amount of turns. I like to count 1/2 rotations when backing them out. This will set your limbs and tiller the same top and bottom.

    Next, check your draw now. If the cables are still off then YES you need to time them. You will see a variance of high and low arrow impact if they are off. How to set your cam timing. If your top cam is not hitting then you need to take out twists in the cable that connects to the top cam. This will lengthen your cable and allow the cam to hit the stop sooner. This will also reduce your bow weight slightly. If you want to keep the draw weight up then you need to twist up the bottom cable to the bottom cam. This will rotate the cam and will it the stop the same time as the top cam.

    REMEMBER...... Only put 1/2 to 1 twist at a time in the cables. I little goes a long way when twisting cables.

    Have fun and good luck. Let me know if you need any more info or if this is unclear in anyway.

    Rytera Archery Team

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