Would like some input on where the limb weights end up when maxed out. My "other" bow has 60-70 lb limbs and maxes out at 72. Trying to figure out what limbs to get. I got a call from the Martin dealer today & they said the 2011's will be in Wednesday. No leftys, but come in and look. They are only stocking the gold series bows. My theory is that a bow is designed to be more efficient at peak draw weight. So does anyone know where these will max out?

Onza with 35-50
Onza with 45-60
Silencer with 35-50
Silencer with 45-60
Pantera with 35-50
Pantera with 45-60
Ridge Hunter with 35-50
Ridge Hunter with 45-60
I have seen a few peoples comments in various threads & can't seem to find them. Seems to me I seen a comment where a set of 50 pound limbs maxed out around 58. If this is true I could go with 50's instead of 60's. See where I'm going with this?