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You are correct, most manufacturers bows will max 1-2# over the stated DW. Martins are the same, not sure why the one maxed 8 over. If I had to guess.....the string and cables were probably out of spec. If you want to shoot around 60# with the limbs tightened down, order the 60# model.
That bow was my new Rytera Nemisis. I ordered 50# and it maxes at 58# on my scale and the one at Kinsey's Archery. It has 175 Barnesdale limbs. By comparison my Alien Z has 195 Barnesdale limbs and peaks at 53#. This is one of the issues I took up with Joel on Friday and I am being sent a pair of 195 limbs. Now don't use these numbers for Martin limbs. If your bow is sporting Martin limbs they will have a different limb deflection code.

So to answer Nutty's question, if the limbs are the right ones and the rigging (string/cable) are twisted properly to specs most bows will peak a couple pounds over the bows rated peak weight. There is some variance in the industry with plus or minus a couple pounds being acceptable. So a bow rated for 45-60 may end up anywhere from about 58# to 62#. Two pounds either way isn't going to hurt a darn thing. It can be changed simply by changing string and/or cable length a hair.

It's similar to automobiles. EPA rating might be 35 mpg. One might get 38mpg and one gets 33mpg. Both are within acceptable limits.