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Thread: Looking to next year

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    I'd bet you could get the Nitro 1.5 cams on an Onza. That would put the draw length down in your range. Martin's catalog doesn't show the 1.5's for anything other than the Crossfire and Shadowcat, but I don't see why they couldn't be used on any other Nitro cammed bow. I'd talk to a dealer about it, or give Martin customer service a call and see what they have to say. I've thought about looking into an Onza with the 1.5 cams myself. That would put the max draw length at 28.5, which is what I shoot.
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    I thought I saw where the Onza has a 1.5 cam or the 2.0 cam. Of course at 57 y.o. I probably saw big foot too! I just emailed them a few minutes ago, and I'll call them in the morning. I really like the Onza 3

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