27?!!!! Lord! Well, when 35 I was called a pup. Between 35 and 55 I was sort of in between stages, I guess. Once in the Senior division was called just old. Then somewhere between then and now, 62, I acquired Old Man stage. Now according to Carlso 68 is Old Geezer class.

But preception comes in. At first I thought they were talking about moisture, rain, but preception at this stage is just how old you feel, I guess. My motorcycle, bronc stomped body sort of doesn't want to get going after a good night sleep or is it broke and repaired parts take longer to wake up? I think I've slowed down a bit. Used to be I'd kick King Kong's and Godzilla's butts twice each on Sunday morning. Now I take on one or the other on Saturday and the other on Sunday.