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Thread: Dyna Cam draw length modules

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    My wife got me a Jaguar Magnum for XMas. The draw length is too long for me. I need to adjust it downaward. I have read through the manual and realize that I need to put a lower level module into the cam. My question is, do I need a bow press (or a pro shop) to take the current module out and put the new one in ? I can't get the allen wrench to the screws in the resting position.

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    Default Dyna cam


    You should have received a packet with your bow that had all the modules in it. I have the same bow and all the adjustment modules were included.

    Also, you will need a bow press to adjust the modules.

    Hope this helps.


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    One correction if I may. You don't necessarily need a bow press to change the module. It depends on whether one of the mod screws is behind the limb. If it is you might be able to just squeeze the cable to rotate the cam enough to get at it. If you have access to a bow press it can make the process easier, but I've sometimes just compressed the cable enough to get at the screws. In other cases I've had to use a zip tie to hold the cam in position. Improvise.

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    Thanks man, I'll see what I can do.

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