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Yep 30 years later when i got his bow i took old string hook it on a nail puled tight along tape measure.. Hum 56 3/16 " so i sent off for a 56" string funny its a 60"amo bow...
That's what I've been saying. A 60" bow will take a string 4" shorter, but packaged and marked to the bow's length, thus 60" AMO. To buy a string all you need is the bow's AMO length and how many strands you want. The only othe consideration is whether it is a modern bow that will accept Fastflight materials or an older one that requires Dacron or B50.

I would also add that any bow that can use Fastflight can also be shot with Dacron or B50. The bow just won't shoot as fast, but limb durability will be better.