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True fact...what you think is a good tom to go after can be a shotgun toting trigger happy fool.... best to ambush or call them to you.

I read years ago..A guy was shot turkey hunting because he smoked cigarettes in a RED package...some fool saw the red an uncored his 3"mag into the brush... let's be careful out there...
I was set up in my blind with a bow working a tom last spring, he had been gobbling but shut up, I kept calling softly. About 15-20 minutes later I started hearing noise coming up the hill right to me. Next thing I see is a hunter in full camo, facemask and all, he was in gun range(40 yds or so) and it was a little thick.

He then proceeds to set up a decoy and gets behind a tree. Yeah, my blind is camo, but it was in the middle of an old logging road. A good "AHEM" got his attention and he skulked away down the hill.