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Thread: ShadowCat High nock problem

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    Default ShadowCat High nock problem

    I did a search and didn't see any other posts on this.

    I have 3 Shadow Cats and they all exhibit the same behavior. To get acceptable arrow flight The nock point is .5 to .635 inches above square. I'm a long time finger shooter shooting 2 fingers under. This seems to me to be extreme but while paper tuning I get bullet holes with this setup.

    Lets talk specifically about one of the three it is a 57# 30.5" draw bow.

    So far I have found that the Carbon Express Maxima 250's @ 29" with a 100 grain point seem to fly the best out of it. However acording to the chart this would be under spined.

    I have also tried these arrows CXL 350's, CXL hunter 350's, Eason XX75 2117's and Maxima 3d 350's. En every case to get the arrow to paper tune I need an ultra high nock point. Several other finger shooters on AT have also reported this bizarre behavior.

    Aside from testing multiple arrows I have also tried these things.
    - Adjusted the tiller 1/8" smaller on the bottom
    - Change from a flipper to a Quick tune 360 arrow rest. Test both for clearance issues using foot powder.
    - Removed the STS
    - Double triple checked the cam modules are set in the same holes and that the cam tune is correct in sync.
    - I switched from the original cams that were on the bow (2010) to the CatCam 2. both cam styles demonstrated the same high nock issue.
    - I had a set of the 2010 problem child limbs they broke and the new limbs also show same behavior.

    So from what I can think of all I have left to tinker with is to set the cam timing so it is off sync. This I consider to be a last resort. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Perhaps something I should have tried but Haven't? I would also like to hear from others suffering from this same fate.

    I would shoot the bow like this except it looks absolutely ridiculous! I might reiterate all three ShadowCats I have show this same behavior in varying degrees but I'm only trouble shooting this one to keep it simple.
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