Hello Everyone,

Back to a bow after a 20 year lay-off. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a bad back put an end to bow fishing, bow hunting and target archery for a long time but I'm ready for another go.

Been visiting this forum for a couple weeks and looks like a bunch of very helpful folks without the brand bashing I see on a lot of forums. Anyway, just ordered a new 2011 Onza 3... had an Onza in the late 80's and loved it. I have never had my hands on the Onza 3 but after looking at everything else out there. I just wanted another Martin regardless of the price, high or low. Looks like I will have around $1K in my entire rig and from what I gather that's about normal these days.

My question is... I bought the “bow only” from a place called Spear Hook. Apparently they buy-out stock from businesses going out of business and they had a great price. That said, this bow may or may not have been tuned by a shop. If it has not and is “in the box” how difficult a time do you think someone that is very mechanical would have getting this up and running without taking it to a shop?

Thanks for the read and I look forward to following this list.