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Thread: little upset with my firecat

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    sweet thanks. ill see if i can put my hands on some.

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    Sorry I was slow to respond. The new Bohning wax is called Xccelerator Wax. Comes in basically a chapstick tube. Really slick stuff, and ideal for the TRG area. The other teflon based wax I use is made by Phillips Industries. Called Slick-T-T. I use it around the peep, string silencers, and main body of the string. If you use the Bohning by the peep, the tie ins will have a tendency to slide. Same with the string silencers. I use the Slick-T-T about every 1250-1500 shots, or every 3-4 months. The Bohning, I put on just a little every other time I shoot. I've also found rubbing a little on the TRG itself helps keep the string nice and clean.
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