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Thread: Warranty=Crack in glass on Vision

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    Default Warranty=Crack in glass on Vision

    I recevied a Vision as a gift a couple of years ago and the glass developed a split in it near the bottom string groove. I didn't think it was a big deal but it frayed the string so bad one of the bundles broke (big deal). Now my question, Is this covered under Martins warranty? I could not find any info on thier warranty policy. In need of help...Kenny.

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    I hate to sound ignorant of the facts, but the bow is a recurve or longbow, right? I would think then that any problem with a limb or glass separation would be covered according to the warranty.

    There's one way to find out. Martin has a phone number at 800-529-8902. Their customer service should be able to fix you right up.

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