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Thread: Cam lean and limb twist help!

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    Lightbulb Cam lean and limb twist help!

    The cause of cam lean and limb twist is usually the cable guard or ccs or any thing that pulls the cables to the side.
    THE CAUSE.jpg
    To fix the lean you need to twist the opposite side of the lean on the yoke (the split in the cable) in the pic below it shows the cam leans to the right on top. I would need to twist the opposite side, the left to bring the limb down to even the cam. The cam bottom needs go to the right.
    Measure the ATA on both sides. Choose the side that is closest to ATA. Twist the opposite side with a few twists and check the ATA on both sides again. Make the ATA equal. Then check for cam lean and twist the opposite cable on the split yoke. Then at full draw have some one measure the ATA on both sides. And repeat until lean is gone. Do not twist the cable from the bottom. It only shortens the ATA.
    CAM LEAN.jpg
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