Note: The following directions should work(or be close) for most software, not just the one I use

1.) Select the software you want to use. Some like Microsoft Paint, which is already in your computer; I use Photo Pos Pro;1 which is a totally free program.

2.) Click "file" menu and select open

3.) A box will open. Now locate the picture you want to use(Usually found in "My Documents" or "My Pictures") and click it.

4.) Next, click the "Open" button.

5.) The picture should now show. Right-click it, and from the menu click "Resize".

6.) A box will open. In the "Width" section, clear what's there, and type "600" in the box, and click "Ok".

7.) Your picture is now resized to 600x400 pixels(which is an excellent size for just about anything). Select the "file" menu again, and click "Save As". A box will appear.

8.) Choose where you want to save your picture, and type a name for it in the text box. Note: Saving the picture to the same folder without renaming it will overwrite the original photo.

9.) Click the "Save" button in the current box.

10.) You're done! You can now upload the picture.