Hei, hei!

I visited my archery club this night and shot some arrows. Wow, was a pleasure to shoot. Until i destroyed 3 arrows. 1 cracked around the tip because i shot a group so close that not a hair could fit in between that. 1 cracked in the mid because of the same reason and 1 got a 'nearly robin hood'. The Beiter nock has been destryoed and pushed INTO the shaft. The GT points are just so fat that the barely will fit into a shaft with a nock sitting on it.

I must admit that i hate this. 3 arrows lost in one evening at 40m Training.

(Although it is somewhat cool...)

No picturea available, the kids wanted to shoot so i had no time to make one exept of the arrow with the nock busted into the shaft. I just need to get it from a friend of mine.