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Thread: New firecat 400 vibration help

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    Default firecat

    i have same bow shoots great i felt it was a little noisy so i put 4 monkey tails on it and that helped but still have a twang coming from string doesnt have any vibration so i ordered another sts to put on it to see if that helps

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    I've notice that if the jax and leeches aren't tied in tightly, they definitely have a buzz. I've got an aftermarket sts(Norway ind)on my Cheetah w no other string silencers or speed nocks. It's pretty quiet. Just a solid thud. If you find that you need the string dampners,good ol' cat whiskers are the best.

    some other silencing tips: fleece padding on the shelf/riser, rubber gasket between the sight/riser,rubber between the quiver mount/sight, rubber between the rest/riser, vibration reducing stabilizer(i use Vibracheck and Sims S-coil). Some bows need all of it,others don't. It a process of elimination type thing.

    BTW,welcome to the forum. That's a very nice set-up you have. Well do our best to take care of you both.
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