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Thread: How Do You Cut Your Arrows To Length?

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    I use a regular old arrow saw. I've had no problems w out of square ends.
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    I just bought one of the Lumenok FAST squaring tools. I have to say, it is a nice addition to my archery tools. I never realised just how far out of square an arrow could be coming off an arrow saw until I checked a couple arrows with this. The arrows I use have half-outserts, and I was warned to make sure the ends were perfectly square. Some of the arrows took as many as 50 turns on the squaring tool before they squared up. Now I know they are right. One of the best $39 I've spent in a while.
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    Many people say I they are good enough I don't need to square my arrows. They are wrong. I have put many of arrows through my super shooter and found that they aren't square and usually the fly different then the the ones that are more square. It only takes a few minutes to square both ends and your good to go.

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