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Thread: arrow spine/FOC...does it matter

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    I personally like my arrows around 15% FOC or a little more. One thing that's come up recently though, arrows with a "Built-in" FOC. To me, these are a waste of money. Any decently made up arrow is going to have a decent FOC. Basically, the "weight forward" arrows have just been wrapped, or camo'ed at the front. Pick an arrow, add a point that is roughly 1/3 the weight of the shaft, and you'll be really close to that 10-15% that's recommended. As for spine, I do think you can be overspined, but it's pretty hard to do. It doesn't cause tuning problems for the most part, but a stiffer arrow is a heavier arrow. No reason to drop your speed when you can get the right spined arrows, or just slightly overspined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyNative View Post
    I shoot the 340 Easton Axis nano tubes. 29.5" and a total weight of 430gr using 100 gr tips. Bow is at 68 pounds.
    I friend of mine shoots the same shaft, 28.75" with Blazers vanes and 100gr point.
    We checked his F.O.C. on a couple arrows last month and they were 11.5 - 11.68%........I would imagine being a bit longer, yours are between to 11.0 -11.5%.
    Vanes used will change FOC quite a bit, but looking at one of your previous posts, looks like you're using Blazers.
    Think I also saw you're shooting a Pantera, with 30" draw length? Spine on those for your set-up is proably ok......"If" you use fixed blade broadheads and have some strange flight with them, like planning up high/right or left, might be slightly weak. So, "if" that happens, try backing off draw weight +/-3lbs and my guess is it cleans up.
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    I'm a true believer in high FOC. I found a very informative thread on AT that I also participated in where several posters exchanged info as to what arrows they built and how they performed. As you can see in my signature my arrows are a little over 17% FOC for my lighter Maximas and a little over 18% for my heavier Gold Tips. Here's the link on AT -

    There are also some very informative articles published by Dr Ed Ashby that are some of the best I've seen or read. He's studied arrows and broadheads for about 27 years and published numerous field test reports on arrow lethality. One of the aspects he covers, and very well I must say, is the affect that FOC has on penetration. You can find his entire collection of articles here -
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