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Thread: First outdoor shooting for 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    Your local department stores, Bass Pro, Cabelas, Gander Mt. and lots of others use a lot of this shrink wrap to bundle things together for shipment. Go ask them if you can rummage around in their dumpsters.

    I don't think I'd use it for broadhead targets. It could get awful ugly trying to pull them back through. Better off to use some kind of solid foam for that. Even the layered foam like Block targets won't handle a lot of broadhead practice. It just slices them up. Besides, you shouldn't have to do a whole lot of practice with blades anyway. Enough to get them flying right and sight in. Other than that they can be put away and use field tip that are design for practice.
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    If you have a garden center around, all the pallets of peat moss, fertilizer and such are shipped and wrapped in shrink wrap, and then all of those items come in plastic bags too. Maybe a landscaper, or hardware store even may have tons of this stuff.
    As for broad heads, I bought that cheap $20 foam block at Dick's, originally thinking it would be ok for field points (big mistake). I did find that when I attempted to shoot broadheads at it, they stopped good and were pretty easy to remove. I guess that $20 block was good for something. Just have to be careful on a windy day as they do not weigh much.
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