Hi Folks,
Well I have had my Onza 3 for a few weeks now, been shooting it a bit while I set it up, put about 500 arrows through it. I have a couple of questions/issues for the knowing folk out there:
- When I received the bow the a2a length was 33.5", BH 7.5" is this around what others are seeing? I dropped the a2a to the spec'd 33.25" and after receiving my bow scale today the bow peeked out at over 72#, it's a 45-60# bow, according to the label. So I unwound the cables and at 33 5/8" I am getting 66#. At this length the cables have 1 twist every 2", and cable length is a bit long (I didn't measure it). At 1.5"/twist it was ok, 66# peak and a slightly less a2a. My limbs are 3HP, have I got a 70# bow?

As this is my first bow I can't compare how it shoots with anything else but it has a really smooth draw, solid wall and no vibration what-so-ever. I am loving it.

There are a couple of things I think could be better and most of these have been pointed out before:
- minor imperfects in the camo film, no impact on the bows performance so not a big issue just something that could be better.
- screws on SOS will sink into the SOS if you don't watch the amount you tighten them. My bad, but no real resistance increase when it bottomed out, fixed with washers under the screws.
- Roto cups do scrape off the film especially when you undo the limbs to remove the string/cables.
- I have found my saddleback grip slides all over the place. I am looking at replacing it with a piece of leather going all the way around.

Cheers from down under,