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    Hello all

    I'm a new guy to this forum but have been shooting Martins since the 70's. I'm looking at getting a new bow to replace my much loved Jaguar compound that I bought in 2001. After 10 years of shooting the same bow....I'm having some serious sticker shock whe looking at my options. I can't believe some of the prices on new bows. So with that said, it appears to me that Martin is still one heck of a bang for the buck. I've been considering a new Exile and have found a deal on one with the accessories for what I'd consider a very reasonable price. Would I see a big difference between my Jaguar and the Exile? What do you think of the package deal accessories (Mostly the capture rest and sight)? Also, how is draw length adjusted on the Exile? Any input would be greatly appreciated.......Oh and I can't believe how Martins are bashed on some other forums. I've never had anything but good experiences with Martin and their customer service.
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