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Thread: How about an Old School Archery Division in 3D?

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    Default How about an Old School Archery Division in 3D?

    Automakers have classic car touring classes, showing the best technology of that long ago era.

    Bow Manufacturers put a lot of time, money and effort to get us to where we are now. Lest we not forget the original old school technology of premium craftsmanship and North American know how of old that got us to where we are today, with 350+ fps speeds.

    I think it would be a great idea in 3D shoots to have an old school division for pre 1980 compound bows like Hoyt, Martin, Pearson, Bear, PSE, Oneida etc before the advent of fast flite string and super lite carbons.

    While wood and glass limbs with metal cables were bulky and slowed down the arrow, you couldn't get a quieter, accurate 200 fps bow.

    Perhaps a boon to archery manufacturers and their technical skills in following Allen and his first 1960s compound bow.

    I still have my 1982 Martin Cougar Magnum I shoot as a finger shooter at least once a month and everyone notices how whisper quiet it is, and accurate, granted the 500 grain arrow helps, as a lite carbon arrow would grenade the bow.

    How many of us still have our old school bows hanging on the wall unused, I think it's time to dust em off, tune em up and use them as they were intended... to shoot!

    So what do you all think? Should a division of Old School Bows have their own place, with aluminum arrows, pre 1980 bows, metal cables and all?

    Old timers will reminisce and newer archers would be surprised by these slower bows accuracy and excellent workmanship.

    How many of us still enjoy shooting our old school technology?

    Guaranteed it would separate the men from the boys when it comes to determining yardage, as anyone know from Old School flatter trajectories were non existent when compared to bows of today.

    Anyway, I'm just throwing this idea out there!

    1982 Martin Cougar Magnum
    Bohning Archery-Bohning Archery Staff Shooter.
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