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Thread: How about an Old School Archery Division in 3D?

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    Default How about an Old School Archery Division in 3D?

    The most advanced bows of the time and still unbelievable today. Too much to relate, but check out Archery History - talk about colored target bows - Awesome. All in one bow, tremendous draw length adjustment and draw weight from 20 to 80 pounds - same cams, same limbs, mod adjustment and short cable switch. These bows also have positive draw stops, but make a "click" sound when hitting.

    The all Martin camo is just that Martin camo. The stabilizer is not really a stabilizer. It's for storage. Pat's father bought this bow new and killed a deer with it the same year. Vice President of our club also has a Kam-Act which I believe his wife shot. So 3 that I know of.

    I sent Terry Martin the picture today. I ran across it while sorting my pictures. I had sent it way back when, but I guess he didn't get it. I understood he was interested in the Camo bow for the Martin History collection.
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