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    Default draw length

    does anybody know what needs to be done to change draw length from29 " to 28" on Phantom II Pro Series with Dyna cams . the bow is rated 55_70 & 29"draw.

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    I believe the Dyna Cam had cam modules on it. Black lobe w/ 2 countersunk screws. These were labeled F2, F3,etc. The Martin archery site has stats and info for draw length adj. per module. F1=27, F2=28 and F3=29. Take the F3 out /put the F2 in. String tension needs relieved by press or adjusting limb bolts out. I'm not sure if this model is capable to adjust out enough. Any how once press relieves tension on cam, expose the cam lobe, unscrew and set in new lobe and tighten. Set string on cam and relieve press tension. Be sure to keep string oriented. Also, if you like wait for some other guys to respond there's always good input from some of them that have been w/ Martin a long time. Specs taken from 2004 chart.
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    cj is right. The Dynacam uses the F modules. I'll take his word for it that you need an
    F2, but lets just say you need a od with one number lower than what's on the bow now if it's set for 29". It's not always necessary to use a bow press or back the limb bolts out to change a module. There are two flat-head caps screws holding the mod to the cam. Just remove them and the mod falls out. However, it's common for one of the screws to be behind the limb fork where you can't get at it. In this case it's usually possible to grab the cable and riser and squeeze the cable toward the riser. This rotates the cam enough (most times) for you to insert and allen wrench and loosen it enough for the module to be removed. If you can'r grip and hold the cable/riser together then try backing off the limb bolts about 4 turns and maybe (my old trick) use a zip-tie to hold them together. When you're done changing the mod then hold them with your one hand and cut the zip-tie with a scissors.
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    These guys are right on.
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