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Thread: New Martin Jaguar Magnum, need arrows

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    Question New Martin Jaguar Magnum, need arrows

    First, let me say hello to the Martin Tech Forum community. Glad to be a new member, and Martin bow owner.

    I recently picked up the bow after shopping around for the past six months. I liked the draw, weight and size of the bow.

    My question for you experienced archers out there is what type of arrow will work best for me, or what is safe to shoot with my bow.

    Some details: 28" draw, 60# pull, dyna cam, release aid with string loop

    Also, I'm planning to use either 100 or 125 grain broadheads for hunting whitetail and elk.

    Any assistance you can offer would be great!


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    Default arrows

    I've located the Easton charts for my draw weight and arrow length, including point weight. Unless anyone can recommend a different arrow for me to try, I think I'm going with the 2216 ss, 75.

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    You can use either aluminum or carbon. YOur choice. Here's a besite to look at and use their interactive arrow selection charts. It'll give you several choices.

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    Just my opinion, but I would recommend carbon arrows. I shot aluminum for the last 4 years and switched this year to carbons and I will never switch back. The main thing I personally dont like about aluminum is you never know if they are bent or not. I tried tuning 2 years ago and was very frustrated. Turns out I had some arrows with very minor bends in them.
    You will like the speed of carbons and penetration.

    On the up side for aluminum however is the KE. They hit very hard.

    Just my opinion though.

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    First just let me say, nice choice! I also own a jag. mag. Im shooting super carbon 55-70. they have all i need to get the job done. I shot a spike this year at about 55 yards uphill and he went down!!!!!!!!! I shot aluminum arrows for years when I was a kid and there is just no comparison. Carbon is lighter which means faster just be sure that your arrows are within the law in your state. I have to shoot 125 gr. to get my arrow weight over 400 gr. in Idaho.

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    Default Arrow Selection

    Look at Pinwheel Software. You put in all the specs and they will give you a choice of arrow shafts to choose from.

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