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Thread: alotta newbies

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    could me a sign that Martin is gaining some popularity. Good sign for growth!

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    I hope so. The newer offerings are sweet shooters.
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    Tenacious Billy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawgEnvy View Post
    I hope so. The newer offerings are sweet shooters.
    That they are....after researching to death what my next bow would be, I picked up the Bengal Pro. Really couldn't find a bad review on them, Martin's warranty seems to be rock-solid and the bow looks pretty badass.

    There's plenty of fine bow makers out there - it always amazes me when someone says "I'll only use brand X" or "brand Y is junk" get the same thing with rifles/calibers, etc - brand loyalty is a crazy thing. The fact is, you need to shoot something that YOU like and will get the job done. Ironically, I bought the Bengal without ever holding one in my hands, but my brother shoots a Moab, I liked it and the Bengal looked even cooler, so it was a no brainer for me.

    My Bengal shoots wicked - quiet, smooth and feels great in my hand. Any accuracy issues at this point can be blamed on the operator!

    I'm totally stoked about the bow and will be warming it up on a couple of blackies come Spring.


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    Any of you newer members that I've missed in sending a welcome, let me welcome you all to our favorite archery site.
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    Welcome to all newbies! AT sucks. I seldom go there anymore and am seriously contemplating deleting the site from my bookmark toolbar. Too much drama over there and not much a smalltime Martin shooter like me gets for replies cause I am not spending as much money as the other trolls over there .

    I haven't been here a while guys and I appologize. I tend to be on one forum for a while then hit another forum for a while. If I had anything better to do I wouldn't be here now lol. Hate winter!!

    Lately I have been spending alot of time over at Rimfirecentral (another fantastic site!). I have been doing a trigger job on my 10-22. I haven't picked up my bows since last fall. But that's the way I am. Waiting for some warmer weather to get back out and shoot with my wife. Glad I saw this thread! Martin will not disappoint!!! Great bow! Good price! EXCELLENT customer service!!
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