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Thread: Is this idler wheel lean normal? Having Bengal issues!

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    Default Is this idler wheel lean normal? Having Bengal issues!


    I have a 2010 Martin Bengal and just had some brand new Bucknasty strings and cables installed. While shooting tonight I noticed a slight creak coming from the upper idler wheel and upon closer look, I noticed the string is coming off at a slight angle. I dont know how this can be avoided due to the angle of the cable coming off the back of the idler wheel to the cable slide. Also take a look at my cam and tell me if this is timed ok, it has about a half inch of groove showing. Ive included a few pics to make sure everything looks ok but Im not sure about the creaking sound the wheel is making. Also aside from the idler issue, my bow is very twangy when shooting. I didnt realize just how loud it was until I was shooting indoors next to a guy whos bow was whisper quiet. I ended up putting 4 monkey tails on my strings and cables but it is still very loud and rings my ear when shooting. Thanks for any help..
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