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Thread: Consultant near Chicago for Onza 3?

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    If Sonny can't help, you must look for an archery coach in the Chicago area. If the actor has no experience with bows you must start with a lower draw weight. With a higher weight he will fight with the bow and this won't look cool in the movie. Usually actors are in very good physical form, but archery requires training of specific muscles. An archery coach will teach him a proper archery form which is needed for accurate shooting but it also looks good. Good luck and if you have any questions we'd do our best to help. We all will be glad to help in making bowshooting even more popular.
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    Sigsaly where in the Chicagoland area are you at? Im in the Elgin area. There are very few Martin dealers around here. All specialize in Mathews, Bowtech, and PSE for most part. Even Cabelas you had a few Martin bows there but not recently last I checked. You might want to try Freddie Bear Sports in Tinley they may be an authorized dealer. I have bought small Martin parts from them before.

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    Default Consultant near Chicago for Onza 3?

    Hi there. I'm Sonny Thomas. I'm a ways from Chicago. I'm 30 miles west south west of Peoria, Illinois. You may be better off contacting Sonny Glisson. Last I knew he still had his Hoyt/Mathews shop in Plainfield, near Chicago. Indoor practice floor and excess to a couple of clubs in the area. 22900 East Main, Plainfield, Illinios, 60544. His phone - 1-815-436-5803. Sonny G. has also worked with actors. I believe he was on the set of Blade III.

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    ahhhh.... turns out sonny was just the guy to talk to!!! i didnt figure you could shoot as long as you have been shooting without knowing someone!!! hope this little webisode thing works out. it would be funny to see onza fanboys running around...... although i may be an alien fanboy hahaha how depressing!!!
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