I am somewhat new to tinkering with the strings on a bow as far as serving is concerned. I have done some pretty extensive studies on this over the past couple of weeks though and this is where I am at.

I need to reserve an end loop on a cable on my onza 3 as it has been cut into by the mod. I am not really afraid of ruining the cable as I can buy new and probably will soon anyway. I have a jig set up to keep the cable taunt and avoid untwisting. My question is, when I take the old serving off will the string come completely apart or is the string served together under this serving? Will attempt it tonight if I know my cable is not going to fall apart when I take the serving off otherwise I will wait until after turkey season as Ive got another tag I can fill. The strings are factory hammerheads.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks all for the help...and I believe I do have the mod smoothed out so that it stops cutting cable serving.