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I like to hear that since I am looking into getting a Silencer too. I will have to put it on extreme layaway lol but I am going to have it ordered either in June or July. Is there anything you don't like or would like to see changed? any issues with the TRG or SOS?

Oh yeah nice shootin. Now get you some yotes with it.



The only issues I have are the SOS "string slap" when shooting, which is now fixed (accidentally broke it...oops!), and my down cable is showing some premature wear from the TRG, once again my fault for over waxing in that area...still waiting to hear on a replacement cable. Other than those two issues, it's a MILLION times better than my old bow.

Regarding the yotes, I have my stands set up, just need to get out and do some calling to see if I can stab a few!