I am a Archery Tech at a local shop. I am in no way the best tech, but I have been avid bowhunter for a long time, and am very mechanical. I have worked there for about 7-8 weeks now, and am pretty fluent with all of the common archery pro shop activities. (setting draw lenght with most modules, timing cams, serving, back serving, cat whiskers, etc etc)

With the opportunity to buy a new bow at a reduced price, I decided I couldnt turn it down. After doing alot of research and shooting, I decided I really like the Onza 3.

I ordered the Black (carbon color actually) model, I have it outfitted with with a QAD drop away. I do have catwhiskers, and I know that is hurting me. Shooting 312 grain arrows at 62lbs (5.03 grains/lb) and 28" (actually 28.5" according to measuring) I am only shooting 278. Which I below is about 20-25 low (at the 28" mark, and even lower for 28.5")

I know that their is some intense tuning that goes on in this cams, and I was wondering if anybody could outline the process, short of referencing a bunch of other forums requiring me to create a bunch of memberships.

I absolutely love the bow, and am more than happy with 280ish fps, but always trying to get as much as I can out of the bow.

I will get some pictures up later, nothing better than a little bow porn