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Thread: My home-made TRG for older bows (like my 08 Firecat and possibly others)

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    Default My home-made TRG for older bows (like my 08 Firecat and possibly others)

    Well, after several months of shooting with the Martin TRG/SOS combo on my 08 Firecat I've come to the conclusion this system isn't usable long term on my bow and possibly others that don't have Nitro cams. The reason for saying this is I noticed accelerated cable wear on the down cable in the area it passed through the TRG that hadn't been there before the TRG. This might have to do with the way the cables wrap around the CAT cams being somewhat different than Nitro cams.

    About this same time I also found a thread on AT talking about a new product called the Tilt Tamer ( Upon viewing the photos and video it was quickly apparent this was designed to perform the same function as the TRG and BowTech's FLXGuard. The main difference is the Tilt Tamer uses a standard 3/8" guard rod with a machined aluminum block mounted near the end that positions a short second rod that's angled toward the string and uses a "standard" slide to contain the cables and control their movement toward centershot along the second rod as the string is drawn. The aluminum block also allows easy adjustment of the system to accommodate variances that are likely to be found from one bow to another.

    Looking at this further it appeared the second rod was angled at the same or nearly the same angle as the slot in the TRG. So, being one who looks for simple designs to resolve whatever, I decided I would see if I could use a solid 3/8" aluminum rod and bend it to match the angle and position as the TRG and its slot. Below are some photos of what turned out. Keep in mind it's not "pretty" in that there are a few surface nicks and scrapes caused by the bench vise I used to hold the rod while I bent it, mostly in the bend areas. In a nutshell I'm so far pleased with results.

    I used one idea from the Tilt Tamer in reversing the orientation of the slide as to which end the short and long slot usually are positioned. This is due to the angle of the rod end and how it affects the containment of the cables. Using this slide orientation positions the cables so they lay much more in the same plane with the cams instead of the down cable being pulling to the right of the up cable as the TRG does. Using my home-made TRG the cables are more in a straight line between cams at full draw than when I used the Martin TRG. This apparently reduced the torque applied to the riser and cams more than the Martin TRG as I also had to adjust my sight pin aperture significantly to the right as well as realign my No-Peep. This coincides with the information for the need to adjust the sight on a bow after installing the Tilt Tamer.

    I'm still tweaking my sight and No-Peep to get it right on but I'm close to the final position now. Shots from 20 and 30 yards are showing good and consistent grouping. A little more time getting my sight and No-Peep adjusted and I believe I'll be set. The last things I'll do will be to paint the front section flat black (leaving the section where the slides runs unpainted) and possibly put my Saunders Hyper-Glide Slide on in place of the OEM slide that came with my bow.
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    08/13 Martin Firecat Pro-X (29" DL, 67.5# DW), Nitro 3 cams, home-made bent cable guard rod, new VEMs, DS Advantage/HHA Pro-5519 front sight, No-Peep Sight Eliminator, Limb-Driver arrow rest, B-Stinger stabilizer, custom lower & upper STS with offset stops, G5 Head-Loc quiver on custom mounting bracket. Gold Tip Velocity XT300 arrows with Bi-Delta 2.5" Sharkstooth vanes and Grizzly single-bevel broadheads, 498 grains at 262 fps (22% FOC)

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