I just removed the coin from the Cheetah using the hair dryer. I put a metal pick under the edge of the coin and pryed lightly as I was heating and it popped right off. I used nail polish remover to soften the adhesive(which didn't work). I scraped the adhesive off w a flat screwdriver. The nail polish remover immediately bubbled the finish and took it down to bare aluminum. I think the easiest way to remove the finish will be to rub the riser down w acetone. It'll make it a quick job.

NOTE: I will NOT be using acetone on the limbs and don't recommend anyone doing so. That could be costly.

However, I need input on removing the finish from the limbs. I'm thinking an 800 grit sand paper followed up by 1200 grit to smooth it all out. Opinions/suggestions?

I'm still debating on the final finish. An automotive paint with a flat clear would be plenty durable and look nice. There isn't anywhere close to me that does hydrographics. There are powdercoaters in the area that I will be contacting soon.

I'm open to all thoughts,opinions,suggestions on the process and even the color scheme. I've got several ideas,but those are subject to change.