So i went to my first 3d shoot yesterday and as far as i could tell, I had the only Martin on the field. I shot a 318/444 and was satisfied since it was my first time being out there. Now here comes the crazy part. Since ive been shooting my Martin, ive thought as it as a "loud" bow. For a while when shooting it sounds like a screen door slamming with the spring pulling the door shut. While out shooting I had a guy from colorado springs who is a product tester listen to as I shot for excess noise actually complimented me on how quiet my bow is. The only things i have is a 10 inch stab(unknown brand) limbsaver limb rubbers, and some string leeches. I guess I'm not as worries as i should be since i was shooting against a brand new bowtech something or another(guy just set it up that night prior to the shoot). So Im going to stick with my Martin till a) it breaks completely and is not fixable, or b) i find a reason to replace it at all.