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But lately I've been so saturated by the advertisements on TV for Rage and all the other mechanicals that maybe I'm missing out on something here.
All companies spend a lot of money to sell their product. Hopefully you can catch a good recommendation from someone here or a friend, otherwise you have to pony up the money and try the ones that catch your eye. Just make sure that whatever you try, give it a fair shot. Tune them and make sure you are happy with them. A lot of people hunt with things that don't need, but they feel comfortable so if you feel good about it, use it.
I have a buddy who bought NAP spitfires because the package said they fly like field points. He just puts them on a goes hunting after making sure his field points are set. I have had to help him track deer 3 years in a row, and all of them he was hitting to the right of where he was aiming, but he won't fix it because he feels confident that he has been getting deer with them. Good luck.