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Thread: Time to change?

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    Default Time to change?

    About 8 months ago I bought a Cougar III with Tru-Arc+ cams and Mag limbs. The bow is only used for target shooting and is a great combination. But its now time to get new cables/string for the outdoor season. The Tru-arc cam has a nice hard wall which I love but from other posts I believe its been discontinued for 2007.
    My questions are these: -

    Is it worth changing cams at the same time I replace the cables? If so, what would be a good option to move to?

    Also, it is worth changing to a shoot-thru system? Are there any real advantages/disadvantages?

    For additional info, I currently shoot at 57# with a dl of about 26.5". I will be changing weight to 60# soon.

    All help appreciated.

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    If you are happy with the cams that are on the bow. Why change? If you are wanting more speed, I would look real hard at the charts and see if the speed increase justifies the cost of the new cams. Also the new cams may change the bow weight enough that you will need new limbs also.

    The Nitrous at 315 over the Tru-Arc at 305 sure would be nice, If you can change cams without having to change limbs also, to mantain the same draw weight. It can get expensive. You could probably buy another used Cougar III the way you want it for the same money it will cost you to change every thing over. You can always use another bow.

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    I agree with Robert. I have the Tru Arc as well and love it. I would not change something you like.
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    I honestly don't think it's cost effective to swap everything for a different cam. I'd just replace the rigging and shoot it as is. The biggest problkem you may run into is that by changing cams and rigging you may end up with a different weight range. In this case you may have to get different limbs to boot.

    The fact that the Tru-Arc has been discontinued shouldn't be much of a concern as long as they hold up. If and when something would happen it would be under warranty and from what I understand Martin is using the DynaCam in cases of Tru_arc cam failure. So why spend extra money that may not be necessary for now?

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